AIGA SF 25th Anniversary Book

AIGA San Francisco approached us to create a book celebrating the rich history of the chapter's first 25 years. The project was originally started by Amy Gustincic, the chapter president and archivist at the time, and Steve Reoutt, a 2001 AIGA Fellow who sadly passed on before the book was completed. Sized 9" x 12", 64 pages (128 pages french fold), cover converted to 8-page gatefold printing 2/1 with single-level emboss in 2 locations, perfect bound with the cover flush-to-face.   

Client: AIGA San Francisco
Design Firm: Weymouth Design San Francisco
Creative Director: Bob Kellerman
Creative Lead: Arvi Raquel-Santos
Designers: Chris Behrendt, Shasta Garcia, Jenny Pan
Illustrator: Brendan Callahan
Photography: Rob Villanueva, Various
Archivists: Amy Gustincic, Linda Hinrichs, Tom Klump
Printing, Finishing: Blanchette Press, Roswell Bookbinding
Paper: Sappi North America, Neenah Paper