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RVSF offer video shooting, editing, production, and post-production services; camera, lighting, and grip equipment; and a 1,350 square foot studio in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, available 24/7. Our philosophy when it comes to video production is that bigger is not always better—we strive to convey your story utilizing the lightest crew and least amount of equipment needed for the job, making the most efficient use of time and budget, all while ensuring that the story consistently projects the brand personality. This is best accomplished thru extensive planning and storyboarding that the client is involved with every step of the way.

Like our photography services, video campaigns have come from collaborating with RVSF-in-house design projects, corporate communications teams, and external creative teams. In fact, our video services are often coupled with our photography servces.

Our cinematography & video services include:

  • Micro-documentaries featuring a brand, product, or character story
  • Corporate evergreen videos
  • Product use or explainer videos
  • App use or explainer videos
  • Crowdfunding videos
  • Testimonial videos
  • Video presentations: live, recorded live, and/or video conferencing (eg: Zoom)
  • Style-matching (ie: matching a previous video from a different creative company)

A marjority of our video work can be found on our Vimeo and YouTube pages. Here are a few select examples for your consideration:

California Rising

Type: Micro-documentary, Product Feature

Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin of 3 Fish Studios reflect on the inspiration for their linocut art print "California Rising" and how it became an icon of the Golden State's fighting spirit. This was originally filmed in early 2017 in San Francisco shortly after Donald Trump became president, but was finished and released during the 2020 Presidential Election when Trump/Pence fought for reelection against the Biden/Harris ticket. 3 Fish Studios has since moved to Amador County, CA.

Client: 3 Fish Studios
Video Production: RVSF Inc.
Cinematographer, Editor: Rob Villanueva
Second Camera: Kaori Ishikawa
Original Music Score: Elliott Etzkorn
Interviewer: Eric Kustarz


A Focus on Lasting Value

Type: Corporate Evergreen

Established in 1930, Dodge & Cox provides professional investment management services to individuals, corporations, retirement funds, and tax exempt institutions through mutual funds and separate accounts. This served as the firm's evergreen video for about 12 years, up thru their rebrand in the early 2020's.

Client: Dodge & Cox
Video Production: Weymouth Design San Francisco
Creative Director: Bob Kellerman
Cinematographer, Editor: Rob Villanueva


American Icons

Type: Micro-documentary, Product Feature

Legendary photographer Terry Heffernan requested help in producing a video for his book "American Icons". Designed by Kit Hinrichs, co-authored by Delphine Hirasuna, produced by Graphis, "American Icons" details over four decades of Terry's Americana-inspired work. The video served as teaser to the Graphis Kickstarter campaign to produce the printed book. See the Graphis Blog description here:

Client: Terry Heffernan
Video Production: RVSF Inc.
Cinematographer, Editor: Rob Villanueva
Grip: Maly Bun


Building a Billion-dollar Brand

Type: Company Testimonial, Product Feature

Since 1982, Lexicon Branding has focused on creating brand names that help companies establish new products and services efficiently and effectively. Founder David Placek discusses putting joy into a name, which in turn developed a billion-dollar brand that's sold in 11 countries.

Client: Lexicon Branding
Design Firm: Studio Hinrichs 
Video Production: RVSF Inc.
Creative Director: Kit Hinrichs 
Cinematographer, Editor: Rob Villanueva
Grip: Maly Bun


The Standard 5: Special Effects – Augmented Reality Super Dude in Action

Type: Product Feature

The Standard printed booklet by Sappi Paper has served as an invaluable resource for designers and printers around the world. Each edition focuses on a single aspect of the printing and design process, allowing for a closer, more detailed look at each phase. The series represents part of Sappi’s continuing commitment to creating unique and valuable educational resources for professionals in the print business. This video focuses on just one aspect of The Standard 5: augmented reality and the Super Dude character.

Client: Sappi Global
Design Firm: Weymouth Design San Francisco
Creative Director: Bob Kellerman 
Cinematographer, Editor: Rob Villanueva


Stories of Change

Type: Client Testimonial, Product Feature

This is a mixed compilation of four Ideas that Matter videos we perviously created for Sappi Fine Paper, with the intention of Sappi reps playing this video on repeat at a conference booth. Sappi Fine Paper established the Ideas that Matter grant program to recognize and support designers who generously donate their time and talent to a wide range of charitable activities. Since 1999, Ideas that Matter has funded over 500 non-profit clients, contributing to causes that enhance our lives, our communities and our planet.

Client: Sappi Fine Paper
Video Production: Weymouth Design San Francisco
Creative Director: Bob Kellerman
Senior Designer: Arvi Raquel-Santos
Cinematographer, Editor: Rob Villanueva


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A larger library of our video work can be found on our Vimeo and YouTube pages.